Contact center as a service or CCaaS, is a customer experience solution based in the cloud that enables companies to use the software provided by a contact center provider. The biggest advantage offered by a CCaaS infrastructure is that it allows companies to buy only the technology that they require, thereby reducing the need for on-site IT support. Another CCaaS advantage is that it offers scalability that growing companies with fluctuating operational needs often require. For example, during its initial years, a small startup might just want to get a modern VoIP system set up along with limited call center technology (low costs) and with CCaaS. That is a possibility. As they grow however, they can scale up with ease.

Delivering a fulfilling and engaging customer experience has become a necessity in the world of today because you can’t satisfy the customers with just reasonable costs and good products; they want more. According to Mckinsey, 70 percent of buyers decide whether or not to make a purchase depending on how the company treats them. Faced with such pressure of meeting customer expectations, more and more companies are moving towards CCaaS solutions in their bid to ensure contact center operation optimization, bottom lines enhancement and customer service improvements.

Customer Service: A Fundamental Priority

When a customer does business with a company, they expect just the best customer service each time and if they are unable to get it, most of the time they are happy to leave. Conversion Research claims that more than half of the millennial community (54%), 52 percent of the baby boomers and 50% of the Generation X just abandon a brand if they don’t feel that the customer service is substantially satisfactory. Here it’s worth mentioning that even if you choose a CCaaS approach for your company, it doesn’t allow you to forego purchasing one of the best VoIP subscriptions because you still want your employees to enjoy seamless communication amongst them.

In today’s world, the competition is intense and if you are unable to respond to your customer’s query, regardless of the channel it has come from (text, phone, chat or social media etc.), there is a huge likelihood that they will move on to your competition. This is why companies have started to realize that customer service can only be made better, because a success or a failure in this department has a direct effect on the bottom line. It’s an established fact that the cost of acquiring new customers transcends the cost of retaining existing ones and hence a company needs to do as much as it can to keep customer satisfaction rates as high as possible. According to a study conducted by Bain & company, if you increase the customer retention rates by a mere 5%, you can expect to see a 95% rise in profit.

Why CCaaS Delivers Superior Customer Service

Just like a reliable VoIP solution, a cloud-based contact center can aid a company in improving the customer experience and eventually ensuring better revenues. The quality of customer service is increased by many factors with one of them being center agents themselves. With a CCaaS solution, the agents find a lot of ways to harness their maximum potentials.

A cloud based contact center allows managers and supervisors to get access to customizable and convenient dashboards that can be used to train and monitor the support staff. They can also monitor live voice calls and using modern VoIP tools like VoIP whisper and VoIP barge they can even intervene if they deem fit or if the need arises. Additionally, they can also analyze the statistical metrics and previous performance data to see if there are any areas of concern specific to any agent or within operational procedures. This allows managers to:

  • Optimize the performance of their agents and carry out better talent management.
  • Ensure that all operational KPIs are fulfilled.
  • Identify the agents that have been performing at the highest levels.

Contact center services can also be used for team empowerment by adding incentives to the mix. Gamification can be used by the supervisors to set up daily or weekly objectives for agents that can create an atmosphere of positive competition in the workforce. When agents start competing with their counterparts by winning more deals in a specific amount of time and by ensuring higher levels of customer satisfaction, the overall performance of the call center automatically improves. The agents who perform the best can be given medals or monetary benefits which will motivate them to continue working in the same fashion.

Grow At Scale With CCaaS Solutions

As mentioned above, a CCaaS solution gives companies the opportunity to scale whenever they want and do it seamlessly. Scaling an in-house call center requires a lot of investment and planning but deploying a cloud based solution gives you the flexibility to scale up without any hassle and with agility. For instance, if you have just landed a huge client and you think that you don’t have enough call center agents to cater to their needs, the last thing you would want would be to tell them no but with a scalable CCaaS solution, all you have to do is increase staffing.

With a cloud based contact center solution, a company is able to keep its operations of the right size at any time, expanding or contracting depending on the needs. This is also a very sound financial decision because your expenses are a lot more bearable and predictable than they would be if you chose an on-site solution.

Final Word

Customers are arguably the strongest assets of any business and keeping them satisfied has always been a top priority among businesses. When it comes to contact centers, it’s expected that more and more companies will start opting cloud-based services in the years to come. Not only do CCaaS solutions give a company the flexibility to scale as it sees fit, they also help it in enhancing the levels of customer satisfaction and in keeping its operational costs within manageable limits.

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