VoIP calling has changed the face of telecommunications. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a cost-effective and convenient way of talking to someone in another state or country. The reason that VoIP is so inexpensive compared to a traditional phone service is because it eschews the aged analogue landline phone networks and instead takes the analogue audio signal (the audio you hear over the phone) and converts it into digital data packets that can be sent over an internet connection.

VoIP calling for business has become one of the fastest growing industries in recent years. This revolutionary technology makes communication utterly limitless. VoIP may not be known to everyone but it is growing rapidly and quickly becoming the go-to solution for everyday business telecommunications.

VoIP calls can be made through different VoIP websites, by downloading a VoIP app on your mobile phone, or by plugging in a VoIP-compatible handset. You can even use a standard telephone with an adapter device.

As long as you have an internet connection you can make VoIP telephone calls. One of the most popular ways is through one of the many VoIP calling apps. All you need then is a good Wi-Fi connection and you’re free to call anywhere in the world for barely anything.

As the calls are made over an internet connection, the quality of the call will depend on the speed and reliability of the internet connection, if you have a weak internet connection then the call may be a little fuzzy and there could be a delay which can befuddle the conversation, but the VoIP software will usually indicate the quality of the connection so you know when or where (if you’re using a mobile app) to make the VoIP call.

There are many ways of making a VoIP call, let’s take a look at the most common methods:

  • ATA VoIP Calling

This is a very common way to connect to VoIP calling, all you need is a little device that enables you to link a standard landline telephone to the internet connection for VoIP use. The ATA analog-to-digital converter grabs the signal from your landline telephone and turns it into digital data, enabling it to be freely transmitted over the internet. You only need to plug the telephone line cable (that would usually link into a wall socket) and connect it to the ATA device. Then you’re all ready to make your calls over the internet.


  • IP Phone VoIP Calling

Another way to connect your calls for VoIP calling is by getting an IP Phone. This is a special type of telephone that is very similar to a standard phone but that connects directly to your internet router. There are some benefits to using these phones as your VoIP calling device, which is why they tend to be the most popular choice for businesses. Many of these phones feature additional buttons that allow the caller to transfer the call, put it on hold, or make a call with multiple lines – great for business calling.

  • Computer To Computer VoIP Calling

This method of VoIP calling is achieved by installing VoIP software on your computer and connecting a headset. Your computer will already be connected to the internet so you can make and receive VoIP calls with ease. There are several VoIP software providers that offer free or very low-cost software. The VoIP software will also allow you to put calls on hold, transfer them, or even host conference calls. All you need is speakers and a microphone.

Most VoIP providers give you the option of mixing and matching these different VoIP calling methods, allowing you to use a physical handset in the office, a laptop and headset at home and a smartphone app when you’re on the road – all from the same extension.

VoIP calling has changed the way we stay in touch with loved-ones, conduct business and communicate with others over long distances, without worrying about high call charges.

Richard Jimenez
Richard is the guy you call when you need someone to explain complex technology to you. Having spent a few years as an independent IT consultant, he now blogs on all aspects of business technology as he works on his first sci-fi novel.
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  • Vic

    Are you selling voIP services or just helping people find a good service?

    • Richard Jimenez

      Hi Vic,
      Thanks for your question. Our site aims to help people find the right VoIP solutions for their needs, and we offer discounts and sales on top VoIP providers. We do not sell the VoIP systems ourselves.