As a startup or a small business owner, you have to be very particular about all of your spending. Investing in a business phone might seem like an enterprise luxury that you don’t want to add to your expenses at the moment. But statistics show that the ROI a top VoIP solution can offer makes the small upfront investment a financially viable one.

This claim can be substantiated by the fact that businesses have been noticing savings between 50 and 75% by switching to VoIP. Dell was able to see a cutback of $39.5 million when they shifted to VoIP. In addition, they decreased their carbon pollution output because they could let its workforce take advantage of telecommuting.

But it’s not just the big companies that benefit from VoIP usage. Smaller companies have also been enjoying cost reductions and rich calling features since the last decade. In this article, we will talk about some of the VoIP statistics that can prove to you why your small business is in need of one of the best VoIP phone services provider out there:

Statistics: Customers still like to pick their phones

Invoca, a call intelligence and analytics company, compiled a report named Call Intelligence Index that exposed a lot of revealing VoIP statistics. One of the most striking ones was that around 65% of all surveyed customers still consider calling by telephone to be the best way to contact a business. The survey included situations where a customer has the luxury of purchasing or booking online without requiring any human intervention.

The report was compiled after analyzing more than 50 million phone calls that got placed through Invoca. Only 24% of the surveyed people claimed that they were happy with a simple web form allowing them to get their favorite products or subscriptions. Moreover, 63% of the users bought offline after conducting a thorough online search.

Invoca’s Call Intelligence Index also confirmed that digital marketing channels are the greatest drivers for calls made to companies. Around 70% of the people surveyed made use of “click to call” functions present in advertisements to contact businesses. A whopping 48% of the total call volume was accounted for by mobile searches, and 17% of all the calls made were attributed to desktop searches.

Another thought-provoking finding of the report was that an average call lasted for 4 minutes and 52 seconds, which is a substantially long time duration. This implies that a majority of the callers were great prospects who were actually interested in making a purchase.

The importance of phone calls

Raffaella Sadun from Harvard University, Oriana Bandiera and Andrea Prat of the London School of Economics and Lugi Guiso from the European University Institute conducted a research that revealed that on an average workday, an average CEO spends a quarter of their time on either public events/gatherings or phone calls.

The research further indicated that the greatest amount of their time is spent in meetings. In the modern world, you can only imagine how many of these meetings are spent on the phone. This goes to show that even though there are many different channels for communication and marketing available, phone calls are still just as important as they were a decade ago.

Customers desire phone support

NewVoiceMedia, a cloud services company, conducted a survey with the objective to find the most effective means of customer support in the US. Their statistics revealed that a staggering 75% of all respondents believe phone support is still the best way to get a response from a company. This makes sense. Suppose that your favorite application has stopped working, and you want a fix to this problem as soon as possible. No matter how quick the company’s email response team might be, they can’t emulate the type of responsiveness that can be achieved by being in direct vocal conversation with a customer agent.

Phone customer support offers a level of importance and effectiveness that can’t be imitated. This is revealed in a study “The North American Technographics Customer Experience Online Survey,” conducted by Forrester in the last quarter of 2009. Around 69% of respondents claimed that their satisfaction is at the highest when they talk to a support agent on the phone, as compared to hearing from them via emails or reading FAQ pages.

The power of human care

A study conducted by American Express analyzed varying customer attitudes towards different business customer support efforts. Around 38% of the surveyed people claimed they’d prefer to speak with a company agent on the phone. They desire this when they have a complex request or inquiry. This would include something like product returns or installation assistance, for example.

Moreover, almost half (46%) of the respondents said that they prefer talking to a person for requests, like complaints or disputing a charge. Even when the request or inquiry was simple (checking account balance or inquiring about a product), 16% of the customers still preferred talking to a real person, This is despite the answers being easily available via the business’s website.

It goes without saying that if you want to run a business that values customer satisfaction more than most things, then you need to have a reliable VoIP phone service.

Final Word

No matter how booming your small business might be, you always have to think twice before making any type of investment. However, when it comes to a top-of-the-line VoIP phone service, the return that you get on the meager upfront investment is handsome enough to convince you to get a business phone system. Aforementioned were some of the many researchers revealed just how important phone calls still are for any business, regardless of its size, and how owning a VoIP solution can go a long way in enhancing efficiency and productivity of a workforce along with levels of customer satisfaction.

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