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8×8 Inc. is a prominent communications technology company specializing in VoIP communications services. Providing cloud-based voice, video, mobile and unified communication solutions, 8×8  caters towards SMB markets along with enterprise-sized businesses. Its service plans aim to provide affordable business VoIP solutions, and the company also provides residential VoIP solutions and a cloud-based hosted call center service.

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There are countless features available, and you have the option to customize plans according to your needs.
Unlimited Calling
Providing unlimited calling in VoIP business phone services allows 8×8 to enable their clients to reduce costs associated with phone bills. Unlimited calls can be made to any number in the US and Canada. Other international areas can be added to the plan.
Extension Dialling
Make phone calls to any number in the company through the use of extension numbers, which are available in 3, 4, and 5 digit configurations. Direct phone numbers are provided for each post too, and calls can be made no matter the location. Calls can be performed on several devices beyond an IP phone, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers – all you need is an internet connection.
Virtual Office Online
Through the web-based dashboard Virtual Office Online, users have access to a trove of great features that can be used on any computer with an internet connection, including:making/receiving/transferring calls, instant messaging, as well as viewing call history and voicemail.
Example of standard features from 8×8 business phone systems include:
• Auto attendant
• Music on hold
• Ring groups
• Mobile apps for Android devices, iPhones and iPads
• 3-way calling
• Caller ID
• Integration with Zendesk, NetSuite, Salesforce, Outlook, etc.

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Plans & Pricing

Unlike most other VoIP service providers, 8×8 doesn’t offer fixed plans in the traditional sense. Consumers choose either the Virtual Office or Virtual Office Pro plan based on the features they want and need. Then you opt for the service plan, which comes in three categories.
Unlimited Extension – The most popular option for Virtual Office, it provides unlimited calling to not just the US and Canada, but to some European locations as well. It can be upgraded to a Pro Plan for additional features, such as web conferencing and call recording.
Global Extension – This option includes all of the features of the Unlimited Extension with additional unlimited calling to various international locations in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and US Territories.
Metered Extension – The cheapest option available, includes unlimited calling for inbound numbers and other 8×8 extension numbers regardless of location, as well 250 minutes of outbound calls in the US and Canada.
Quotes will be provided upon contact, so there is no fixed rate when it comes to choosing a plan, although the costs will be based around the amount of features in the plan and what extension option is taken.
Hardware isn’t included in any of these plans, although 8×8  does have hardware for sale on its website.

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Ease of Setup

Setting up Virtual Office or Virtual Office Pro is very easy. All you need to do is log in to the Virtual Office application with the appropriate name and password. Every user can manage their profile accordingly after setting it up on their device(s).
As a cloud-based PBX, it can be setup entirely online through the Virtual Office Online or Virtual Office Desktop. Hardware required will be desk phones, desktop computers, and any other mobile devices used such as smartphones and tablets.
Details such as names and email addresses will need to be set up by a system administrator, so some prior or basic knowledge of IT is advised, especially if setting up more advanced features within Virtual Office.

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Customer support

A variety of support resources are available, from the help guides in the management console to the dedicated support portal on the company’s website.
Technical support is readily available too. Live video chats via your computer with support technicians can quickly get to the root of any issues, and the support staff are friendly and well-trained in all areas. They can also be contacted via phone as well. Emergency support via phone is available 24/7, with standard support running Monday – Friday from 5AM-6PM (PT) and 5AM-2PM (PT) on Saturday. Video Chat support runs Monday- Friday from 6AM-5PM (PT).There is also community advice and a blog.

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Bottom line

Having been one of the market leaders in VoIP services since their inception in 1996, 8×8 has ample experience and a strong market share that has made it possible for them to create a wide range of plans that can tailored for the specific needs of each company.

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    My company chose 8×8 as we began to grow and needed VOIP service. We had service for about 2 years before trying to cancel our service. New customer beware there contracts have auto renew and you should prepare to cancel at anytime in order to save your valuable time. I have an e-mail from management telling me if they could not fix our service they would cancel our service with no fees. However after giving them time to fix our service and still continue to have problems we decided to move forward in finding new service. We did our research to find a new service provider, then to have to all our numbers ported. activate our new service, then cancel our service with 8×8 took a year of our time. They tell me over the phone that this offer from them was only good for 14 days. and want over $700.00 to cancel our service. We have service with another provider but they are going to continue to bill us for service until we pay there fees. We also contacted the FCC and filed a complaint.

    Tom Hickman

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