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Cloud Phone is a VoIP service that was launched by Voxox back in 2006 and it’s a great option for small businesses and startups looking for a virtual phone system. They have Android and IOS applications that can provide a company with the desired flexibility while catering to its mobility needs.

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Cloud Phone comes with the following features:

Business Phone Numbers

A business can cement its reputation via cloud phone by getting its own toll-free numbers. It can also get numbers in the desired area codes to form a strong local presence. Existing numbers can also be switched/ported to Cloud phone for additional features.

A Comprehensive Management Portal

Unlike many VoIP solutions, Cloud phone comes with an online management portal that allows you to manage your virtual phone system with ease. You can place a call via the portal or view your recorded calls or go through your voicemail history.

Virtual Receptionist

Cloud phone’s futuristic auto-attendant feature helps you answer your calls with a customizable personal greeting along with a menu system. Usage of the auto-attendant helps you in routing the call to the concerned person faster.

Other Professional Calling Features

Along with the aforementioned, Cloud phone also comes with more exciting features like call routing, call recording, call screening, conference calling, inbound fax, international call forwarding, business SMS and intelligent voicemail etc.

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Plans and Pricing

Cloud Phone provides its customers with a 30-day free trial which can be tried prior to purchasing any of the following subscriptions:

  • Basic: This package costs $12 per month and comes with support for up to 3 extensions. It includes 1 auto-attendant menu, a toll-free number and 5 cents per minute calling. 200 monthly text messages and over 20 professional phone features are also included.
  • Plus: The plus package costs $24 per month and provides the subscriber with 2 toll-free or local numbers. It has support for 2 auto-attendant menus and up to 7 extensions. 1000 calling minutes and 1000 text messages are also included along with 20+ professional calling features.
  • Pro: This package is priced at $49 per month. It provides 5 toll-free or local numbers, has support for unlimited extensions and includes 4 auto-attendant menus. You get 4000 calling minutes and 4000 monthly text messages to go with the 20+ professional calling features.

Cloud Phone can be considered slightly costly because compared to its counterparts, it doesn’t provide a very substantial amount of minutes and messages for the rate it charges.

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Ease of Use

Cloud phone mobile applications are easy to use and since it’s based in the cloud, there are no hardware costs associated with it. The online management portal is also simplistic and easy to browse. Overall, cloud phone is a highly user-friendly solution.

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Customer Support

  • Is there 24/7 Help & Support? No
  • Is there phone support? Yes. The company offers phone support during office hours.
  • Is there live chat support? No
  • Is there Email support? Yes. The company representatives can be reached via email.
  • Is there a ticketing service? No
  • Are there video tutorials? Yes
  • Is there a FAQ section? Yes
  • Is there a community forum and blog? Yes, there is a blog.
  • How responsive is the support? The company’s support has been known to not respond timely to queries.
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Bottom Line

Cloud phone is a reliable virtual phone solution for small sized companies and startups. It comes with some highly beneficial calling features like call recording, call conferencing and voicemail transcriptions etc. The online management portal provides users with a handy way of getting access to all the vital information in one place.

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