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OnSIP, previously known as Junction Networks, is one of the prime cloud telephony service providers in the market. With over 100,000 client accounts across most industries, the contract-free service provides your business with an efficient, budget-friendly, and flexible way to communicate.

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OnSIP comes with a multitude of beneficial features including (but not limited to):
Personal attendant
The OnSIP personal-attendant can answer phone calls for you and provide the caller with different options. For example, if you are unable to take an important client’s call for some reason, you can ask your attendant to play this message for you: “Sorry for not being able to receive your call. Press 1 to record a voicemail, 2 to try my cell phone, and 3 to contact our support team.”

Advanced voicemail features
OnSIP makes voicemail faster, more efficient and more accessible. You can get your voicemail sent directly to your email. From there, you can listen to the .wav attachment, call the OnSIP voicemail system with your extension and pin, or listen to your voicemail using the OnSIP application.
Intuitive auto-attendant
With OnSIP, setting up an auto-attendant is very straightforward. You can maximize its true potential by playing a pre-recorded message to all your callers prompting them to select different numbers to get connected to particular people or departments.
With OnSIP, you can divide and conquer. If your business is divided into different teams, you can use groups to manage a sea of callers efficiently. For example, you can set up a ring strategy for your sales team so that your leads are always easily identified from other callers.

Admin API
An exciting feature offered by OnSIP is its admin API. It allows you to automate and/or integrate your OnSIP account’s integration. From creating a user to assigning a voicemail box, you can perform all the features of the administrative portal (and then some) using the admin API.

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Plans & Pricing

OnSIP offers the following four packages:
As the name indicates, this package costs absolutely nothing. You can add up to 100 users, perform web voice or video calling, use as many extensions as you want, integrate with Slack and Zendesk, and even have your own Google Chrome extension. This package only allows OnSIP and internet calling.

Pay as You Go
With this package, there are no fixed charges, and you only pay for the external calls you make. You will get all the features of the free package along with external calling, 5 voicemail boxes, 3 auto-attendants, 3 ring groups, 1 announcement, 1 call recording user, 1 dial by name directory and 30-day free trials of all OnSIP applications. In order to subscribe to this package, you will have to purchase features worth at least $49.95. A complete list of features is available on the company website.

Metered User
The metered user package costs $8.95 per user per month. A minimum of 5 users are required to subscribe to the package, and it includes all of the Pay as You Go features along with ring group, music on hold channel, call parking, busy lamp field, and much more.

Unlimited User
This package costs $24.95 per user per month. A minimum of 5 users are required in this subscription and it comes with unlimited calling. All Metered User features are included along with unlimited standard area calling and call recording.

OnSIP provides great variety in its subscriptions, which allows it to cater to the needs of most businesses, regardless of their size and requirements. That complemented by the fact that OnSIP offers a great value for the money makes it a financially sound choice for businesses to invest in.

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Ease of Setup

Since OnSIP is cloud-based, you can set it up in a breeze. There is no need to install any hardware as long as you already have an internet connection, and you can start making calls right after registering. The interfaces for both the web-based and desktop applications are user-friendly and don’t pose a user learning curve. However, to even the most inexperienced users, the design can appear a bit dated. Overall, OnSIP scores fairly high on the usability charts, especially when compared to its counterparts.

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Customer support

OnSIP offers a few different ways for customers to get in touch if they have questions or problems. While there is no 24/7 support available, users can contact OnSIP via phone, live chat support, and email support. The company also provides informative videos and an online blog where users can search for answers to their questions

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Bottom line

OnSIP is one of the market leaders in the cloud business telephony industry. They offer a vast variety of exciting features to their customers including personal ring strategy, caller groups, and admin API etc. at budget-friendly rates. Their desktop application is available for download on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

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