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VirtualPBX is a provider of VoIP services based in San Jose, California. VoIP is their main selling point, although they place a strong focus towards features such as ACD queues, call routing, follow-me (find- me) call routing, voicemail services, and call recordings. They also offer an ultra-clean and intuitive, cost-saving SIP Trunking service for businesses that rely on a traditional onsite PBX.

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Features present in VirtualPBX’s plans are very robust and are aimed at businesses of all sizes.

Dash Features

Standout features found in the Dash plan:

 Auto Attendant

This unique features as a complete virtual receptionist that saves on time, boost brand image, and reduces the need for more human capital everyday.

Custom Greeting Management

Allows the creation of unique and personal telephone greetings to be uploaded to any specific area of the phone system, allowing for different messages to be used for different departments. MP3 and .WAV files can be uploaded along with recorded messages from a phone, all of which are easily managed and edited.

Call Recording

Dash offers call recording at a very affordable cost. Customer service conversations will be optimized, you will be able to improve training and overall quality of service. You will also be able to achieve all regulatory compliance measure for industries that require telephone-recording records with ease. Plus, because Dash is all managed in the cloud, any administrator can toggle authority for an employee to have call recording without having to wait for an engineer to set it up.

Call Recording allows users to record, store, replay, and manage conversations with ease thanks to the robust Dash technology platform. By integrating our business telephone system with your email and hosted storage client, we can make sure that your conversations are securely organized exactly where you want and how you want.

Other amazing features include:

Email to Fax, 4G LTE Mobile, Webhooks, Web Phone (WebRTC), Salesforce CRM Integration, Universal Device Compatibility, and Advanced Transfers.

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Plans & Pricing

There are three plans for customers to choose from:

  1. Dash Basic: The basic package costs $12.99 per month (it can vary depending on the number of users) and comes with a rich set of features including unlimited VoIP minutes between system users and 1000 shared continental US/Canada and toll free minutes. If you choose to pay monthly with an annual agreement, the price comes down to $11.99 and if you choose to pay annually, it comes down to $10.99 per month.
  2. Dash Pro: The pro package is priced at $26.99 per month (for 12 users) but if you choose an annual payment plan, it will cost you $21.99 per month. You get features like audio conferencing and one VoIP device. You get 2500 continental US/Canada and 1000 toll-free minutes.
  3. Dash Unlimited: If you choose to pay monthly, the unlimited package will cost $34.99 but if you opt for the annual payment schedule, you will be charged $27.99 per month. It comes with all the pro package features along with 3 local or toll-free numbers and unlimited continental US/Canada and 1000 toll-free minutes.

Dash plans have the most robust feature set in the industry. Dash has a plan for all sized businesses.

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Ease of Setup

The user interface provided in the software are straightforward enough to make self-installation possible. Of course, without the bulky hardware of legacy PBX systems to install and configure, Dash Plans can be set up by anyone in as little as 5 minutes. Concierge Service is available but will cost $49 per month on top of your original price, with a one-time setup fee for a new phone system configuration priced at $50.

Hardware is not included in any of the plans, although VirtualPBX can provide various types of handset for additional fees, but the systems can easily be installed into any current hardware by an IT professional.

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Customer support

Customer support is available 24/7 all 365 days of the year. The support offered is extensive, with training videos and tutorials available. Contact can be made during business hours Monday -Sunday from 7 AM – 7 PM with live chat, phone, and email all available. Their website offers plenty of information regarding technical support, so you may not even need to make a call or email them in the first place.

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Final Thoughts

VirtualPBX offers a wide selection of great VoIP features with a lot of flexibility to the plans on offer. They come with features you would hope to find in a PBX, but also provide a wide range of very innovative features too, which can be added on to any plan as needed.

A modern and friendly interface makes it ideal for small and large companies alike, and with lots of payment options available, a company has the ability to take out the perfect plant that suits all of their requirements.

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