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Lazaros Agapidis

Jan 11 2021

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In today’s unpredictable corporate environment, where world events have deeply affected the way businesses operate, flexibility is key when it comes to the deployment and use of an enterprise communications system.  Choosing the right business telephony solution for your needs while maintaining the required level of versatility in these unstable times is crucial. Whether you are in the process of transitioning from conventional telephony to a VoIP network, or you are simply looking for a solution that is much more suitable for your business’ needs, choosing the right provider is of vital importance.  In this guide, we compare Grasshopper and Freshcaller, two VoIP providers each with their strengths and weaknesses.  We will present an unbiased evaluation of their features and give you everything necessary for you to make the most informed and responsible decision of which service is the best fit for your organization.

Grasshopper – Simple, innovative, easy to set up

Grasshopper is a robust feature-rich all-virtual telephone system that is geared primarily toward small to medium sized businesses.  It has an exceptionally large user base with over 350,000 customers and functions exclusively using smartphone apps and desktop/laptop client software, so no additional hardware is needed.  Grasshopper is also excellent at making small businesses seem much bigger to people initiating incoming calls to the enterprise, with very professional sounding greetings and effective call routing.

Only incoming calls

Unlike other providers, however, Grasshopper serves only incoming calls.  This is great for businesses that depend upon an advanced telephone system to primarily serve incoming calls from customers.  But this does mean that outgoing calls must be made from a separate telephony provider, a fact that may turn some businesses off.

Innovative features

There is no question that Grasshopper offers a very versatile arsenal of features to the user.  Beyond the expected fundamental telephony functionalities, the service delivers features such as automatic voicemail transcription, allowing you to read your voicemail messages as text, customized professionally recorded greetings and prompts, comprehensive and advanced incoming call control, virtual fax services and business texting services, which include instant text responses to callers when you cannot answer their calls. In case you cannot deal with a call, and you do not have the staff to man the phones, you can always use the Ruby Receptionist service for an additional fee.  This service offers human US-based receptionists that can answer calls to your Grasshopper number as per your instructions.

Ease of use

Grasshopper focuses on making the service simple enough for anyone to configure.  It is a completely virtual service, and all configurations are achieved via an online portal.  Setup is as easy as following uncomplicated steps, including picking your service plan installing the appropriate apps, and adjusting configuration settings.  Once everything is set up, users have the ability to adjust their personal settings without the need for an IT guru to make the changes for them.

Competitive pricing

Unique among most VoIP providers is the fact that Grasshopper delivers packages that include multiple users rather than costing them per person.  With three tiers available, you can choose a service offering a single number with three internal extensions, three numbers with six internal extensions, or five numbers with unlimited internal extensions.  This means that per extension, the cost of the service is miniscule compared to other service providers. This, along with a seven-day free trial, a 30-day money back guarantee, and a 10% discount for annual billing, makes Grasshopper an even more attractive option.

Pros and cons

The most prominent advantages and disadvantages of this service are listed below:


  • Simple and intuitive in its setup
  • Exceptional feature set to enhance the incoming caller’s experience
  • Extremely functional for always-on-the-go small business owners
  • Very low cost per extension, especially with the bigger subscription packages


  • Supports only incoming calls, and requires a separate local/long-distance provider for outgoing calls
  • Suitable for businesses with up to about 20 users—if you outgrow this size, you may need a new provider

Freshcaller – Advanced call center features for your employees

Freshcaller, like Grasshopper, is a cloud-based VoIP system that delivers voice services to smartphone apps and desktop/laptop clients.  Among its most attractive features are the advanced call center capabilities it delivers for businesses of all sizes.  The service is available worldwide in over 90 countries, and is scalable, simple to use, and has a comprehensive monitoring and managing interface. Freshcaller supplies a complete telephony service with both incoming and outgoing calls.  The service supports both software-based clients as well as SIP-based IP desk phones.

Call center-centric features

Freshcaller offers services that are useful primarily for call center agents.  With its cloud-based architecture, it allows businesses to implement a distributed call center, where agents can be located in the office, in their homes, or even on the go—literally anywhere they have an Internet connection.  This is indeed an ideal platform especially during this time of lockdowns and restrictions in commuting. Advanced call center features include an easy-to-configure multi-level interactive voice response system for complex call routing, automated call distribution with time-based and skills-based routing, powerful call center management and monitoring tools, and an comprehensive call history where agents can review previous interactions with a particular caller for faster call resolution. Freshcaller also employs artificial intelligence (AI) to help shorten the time to call resolution.  Using what they call Voicebots, this AI feature delivers a proactive process that will allow callers to feel confident they are being served, while gathering important information for agents down the line to more quickly resolve caller requests.

International presence

Freshcaller is a service with a presence throughout the world in over 90 countries, so the use of local and international numbers is available to clients.  This gives excellent flexibility to multinational enterprises, allowing agents to deliver a service that feels very local and personal, even if they are on the other side of the planet.

Pricing plans

The pricing plans offered by Freshcaller have a wide range of options serving the full spectrum of small businesses all the way to enterprise organizations.  With seven tiers of services comprising a variety of features for each, there is a plan that will fit virtually any business.  Plans are billed on a monthly per agent basis, but are also discounted if billed annually. Because Freshcaller focuses on call center features, it is expected that a large volume of calls it serves will be incoming.  For this reason, depending upon the plan you purchase, there are a certain number of free incoming minutes included, with additional minutes incurring an additional cost.

Pros and Cons

The most prominent advantages and disadvantages of this service are listed below:


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Extremely scalable solution, can grow with your business
  • Innovative and truly useful call center features
  • You have the choice of using IP desk phones and/or smartphone or desktop/laptop apps


  • Not a good fit for businesses looking for a general-purpose business VoIP solution
  • Limited number of free incoming minutes—cost per minute charge for additional incoming minutes


The Final Word

Each of these services has varying strengths and weaknesses which are summarized below.


Grasshopper is an excellent choice for small and ultra-small businesses.  These are often startups that are run by individuals that unavoidably perform multiple tasks.  Grasshopper’s receptionist, professional greetings, and smart handling of incoming calls allow such individuals to cost-effectively and time-effectively manage communication and make such businesses seem larger than life to incoming callers.  Coupled with its low cost, it is exceptionally attractive for businesses of this size. If, however you are a fast-growing organization of 10 or 15 employees, you may find that you quickly outgrow the service.  Also, the lack of outgoing calling capability may be a deal-breaker for many organizations.


Freshcaller, on the other hand, is a highly scalable solution that is perfect for companies that rely on a system that enables their customers to reach out to them easily and effectively.  Delivering specialized call routing and call handling features for a mobile and distributed workforce, it is perfect for permitting your agents to perform their tasks from wherever they may be, thereby avoiding a commute. This service’s value for money comes from the specialized call center feature set.  Consequently, if you are looking for a general-purpose VoIP telephony service, then Freshcaller is not for you.


As you can see, these are two very different VoIP telephony providers that focus on noticeably different aspects of VoIP services.  So, when comparing these two, it is not a matter of which is better, but a matter of which is better for your business.

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