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As a real estate agent, you’re constantly on-the-go, whether you’re meeting clients or moving from house to house. The nature of the real estate industry requires agents to be constantly reachable, regardless of if you’re in the office, at home, or at a showing. As a real estate company, you need a reliable mobile VoIP system to manage your communications in order to ensure that your whole team stays connected while on the move.

Closing deals just got easier with VoIP

Closing the deal may prove to be challenging for many real estate agents, but implementing a VoIP system shouldn’t be. Regardless of how many agents work at your company, having a cloud-communication system will bring your agents the peace of mind they need to focus on closing contracts.

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Closing deals just got easier with VoIP
Costs that are more adjustable than mortgage rates

With a VoIP system, you can pay for exactly what you need, and scale the system as your company grows to include even more agents. This way, your VoIP solution can adjust easily to new hires or a higher call volume during busy season without having to adjust rates or spend time setting up again.

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Costs that are more adjustable than mortgage rates
Collaborate seamlessly from anywhere with the cloud

A mobile-friendly phone system is a must for real estate agents. Most of the day is often spent meeting clients in their home, or showing potential buyers around their dream house. That’s why it’s important to never miss a call when you’re out of the office. Furthermore, a cloud-based VoIP solution will minimize the costs needed for bulky phone equipment and ongoing maintenance, allowing you to take your entire phone system with you to every meeting. Cloud technology allows you to collaborate with your team effortlessly, meaning they can jump in on a conference call or share files all with a few simple clicks.

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Collaborate seamlessly from anywhere with the cloud
We have been able to consolidate five services all into one business phone solution using RingCentral, all of which can be managed remotely while on a mobile phone.
Gene Maggio, Director of IT
VoIP Providers for Real Estate Companies

RingCentral offers real estate agencies of all sizes a great VoIP solution. It provides an all-inclusive plan with wide-ranging features that any real estate firm will enjoy. Agents can rely on great features like mobile enabled calling, fax from anywhere, and enhanced collaboration with video calling.


Founded in 2001, GoToConnect Communications is an enterprise-level communications and collaboration software provider. The company currently employs 700 workers in US, Canada and Latin America. The software is suitable for small, medium and large organizations alike, and can be effectively used in many spheres including education, law, and government programs.

Ooma offers businesses reliable, customizable solutions that work for any size or type of business. Real estate agencies will be happy with a VoIP solution from Ooma because they will be able to communicate stress-free with their clients, no matter where they are. Ooma offers great features such as a multi-level virtual receptionist, mobile access, easy set-up, and all-inclusive pricing. It’s a great pick for any real estate firm.

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