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Pros & Cons

  • Visual integration with easy setup CRM
  • Excellent call quality
  • Easy to setup
  • Unlimited calling plans
  • There is a call lag time

Plans & Pricing

JustCall is an affordable phone system for organizations. The company offers fixed and transparent pricing. There is no setup fee and no surprises. Furthermore, JustCall offers a 20% discount on annual billing. There are three price plans – namely Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. As per its calling rates, JustCall charges per minute calling for every call. For every user or a team member, you can get one local phone number for free. However, if you exceed your free limit, you would pay $6 per month for every extra number.


The Standard price plan starts at $24 per user per month. This package includes 1 local or toll-free number. Essential calling features are also included such as call forwarding, call recording, call tracking, and more.


The Premium feature enables you to get powerful features for $48 per user per month. This price plan incorporates Salesforce integration, SMS Bots, Auto Dialer, API & Webhook Access, SMS Automation & Triggers, Advanced Integration, Call Whispering, Call Barging, Call Monitoring, and more.


The enterprise price plan is specifically designed for Enterprises. The company doesn’t offer any fixed price for this package. Rather, customers can request a quote as per his or her company’s needs. Enterprise price plan encompasses Standard and Premium features in addition to some other vital features, including dedicated account manager, bundled SMS + calling rates, and priority support on all channels.

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JustCall is a cloud-based phone system that helps businesses to create a call center for their sales teams and a contact center for their support teams. The feature-rich phone system is built on a software-based infrastructure and distributed systems. In addition, JustCall offers data centers across 7 geographical regions to deal with fast failover, concurrency, and outage proofing to host messaging and voice calls.

The company allows you to instantly get phone numbers in 70 countries. The single-click feature enables you to choose a country and pick a number of your liking and then get it. More interestingly, you can use this number on multiple platforms, including desktop app, mobile app, and web.


  • "Ease of Use"
    10 /10
  • "Value For Money"
    9.5 /10
  • "Features"
    9.5 /10
  • "Help & Support"
    9 /10

Features and Functionality

JustCall provides you with powerful features with affordable and transparent price plans. This feature-rich phone system helps businesses to enhance their communications and retain customers with great satisfaction. The following sections gain an insight into some remarkable features.

Call Forwarding and Distribution

Call forwarding is, undoubtedly, an amazing feature that redirects an incoming call to another destination if the primary recipient is not available.

In the working environment, every business call should be answered. Call forwarding beef up productivity by getting more calls answered. If you are on vacation, out of the office, or traveling, this feature allows you to forward calls on an alternate number.

JustCall also enables you to distribute calls across your team either in a sequence or all at the same time. Moreover, you can update your call distribution rules just using one click. The following screenshot shows the graphical representation of the call forwarding feature.

Voicemail by email

Are you worried about the missed calls? JustCall call enables clients and customers to leave a message on Voicemail. You will receive this message through email. Doing so allows you to easily manage all of your calls, even the unanswered ones.

Voicemails enhance your teams’ response and improve communications. Voicemail comprises a voice message usually in a .wav file or .mp3 format. You will receive a notification as soon as the voicemail reaches your inbox.

Voicemail decreases response time, calls back with context, increases efficiency, organizes your records, and keeps your team looped in.

Conference Calling

Conference calling is an interactive feature that allows you to engage four or more people simultaneously. All participants are connected through a bridge number that connects them to a virtual room. People can join this room from everywhere across the globe. The organizer of conference calls can also talk with participants individually or one by one. Employees can use conferencing calling to connect with one another. In addition, your company can use this feature to establish connectivity with external parties, such as its business partners and customers.

Call Center Analytics

Call center analytics features help you to collect and analyze customer data to reveal valuable insights with regard to the performance of your company. For example, you will be able to know about revenue, customer satisfaction, customer effort score, customer retention, and performance about Service Level Agreement (SLA).

With JustCall’s Call Center Analytics, you will be able to track live call activity, call analytics, team analytics, or number analytics at a centralized location. Look at the following screenshot to view the graphical representation of Call Center Analytics.

Call Monitoring and Whispering

Call monitoring is also a powerful feature that allows you to listen to live calls in real-time. You can speak to your agent during a call or jump into the ongoing call between your agent and your consumer.

Call whispering enables you to directly speak to your agent over the call without letting the customer know.

Ease of Use

JustCall is an easy-to-use phone system. You can easily install the phone software. Furthermore, you can easily integrate JustCall with third-party Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software or the Help Desk dashboards. More importantly, users can automatically make or receive calls, maintain a call log, and keep track of interactions directly from a system.

According to Gregory J, Global Sales Manager at Events Services, JustCall is very easy to use and integrates into the daily functions of his company’s office. Call clarity sounds good and calls even to South Africa have no trouble.

Customer Support

JustCall help center is always available to answer customer queries. The help center page includes a search bar various separate sections for different features.

  • 24/7 Help & Support
    Yes, the company provides you with 24/7 help & support.
  • Live Online Chat
    Yes, live chat is available.
  • Email
    Yes, email support is available. help@justcall.io
  • FAQ
    Yes, the FAQ section is available.
  • Blog
    Yes, the blog section is available.

Final Word

Do you want to make your teams more productive and impress your customers? If this is what you are looking for, then JustCall is your first and best bet. This amazing phone system offers the fastest and smoothest communication solution that allows businesses to handle calls at anytime from anywhere. Moreover, the company offers an integration feature whereby you can integrate more than 100 business tools, Helpdesk, and CRMs. Some popular third-party apps, which can be integrated, include Salesforce, Hubspot, Copper, Pipedrive, Zapier, Zoho, Zendesk, Slack, Freshdesk, Intercom, Agile, and so on.

More importantly, JustCall also offers, local numbers, toll-free numbers, send & receive SMS, custom numbers, keep existing numbers, call recording, call blacklist, virtual call center, custom greetings, FAX, Caller ID, ring tones in sequence, voicemail by email, ring all phones at once, conference calling, SIP, call queues, Interactive Voice Response System (IVR), Web-To-Device calling, and even a lot more.

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