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Choosing a VoIP system can be tricky. There are new terms to understand and a range of choices to be made that can effect your business. To help you choose the best VoIP system for your business, we publish regular articles to help you make an informed decision.

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Top VoIP Trends for 2020 for Business VoIP

Jason Homan | 06.01.20 | 0 Comments

It’s a new year, and 2020 may be the year that we see the most advancements in VoIP technology and usage. Starting in 2019 and ramping up into 2020, VoIP is seeing a rapid evolution rooted in disruptive digital transformation. While this technological disruption of...

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Ring in the New Year with These VoIP Conference Call Services for Call Centers

Jason Homan | 18.12.19 | 0 Comments

The new year is just around the corner. Likely that means that your business is in a combination of holiday and planning mode. Since you’re already thinking about what to do about hosted VoIP for your call center next year, we’d like to highlight a...

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10 VoIP Phones That Should be on Your Christmas List

Jason Homan | 09.12.19 | 0 Comments

If people can have Christmas lists, shouldn’t businesses have them too? The big difference between an individual’s list and a company’s list is that the Christmas list of a business has things on it that will help the company have more productive internal processes and...

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Ways Business VoIP Integrates with Other Business Technology Tools

Jason Homan | 28.11.19 | 0 Comments

Organizations like yours are moving to leading-edge, internet phone systems. But, those organizations aren’t just looking for simple telephone functionality. Today’s VoIP business telephone systems earn their place in the world of business productivity and communications tools because of their ability to integrate flawlessly with...

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How to Prepare Your Call Center for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Jason Homan | 14.11.19 | 0 Comments

Is your call center ready to face the onslaught of calls that you get on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Is your VoIP for call center up to the task of handling the tsunami of calls that are about to flood into your agents? These...

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Vonage Vs. Ring Central – When Searching for VoIP for Large Businesses, Which Delivers Greater ROI?

Jason Homan | 22.10.19 | 0 Comments

Leaders of big companies are looking every day for ways to make their employees more efficient. To accomplish this task, communication and collaboration tools are leveraged heavily. One of the most transformative communication and collaboration developments has been the use of VoIP deployed across an...

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7 Ways VoIP Improves Inbound Call Center Performance & ROI

Gabriel Nwatarali | 26.09.19 | 0 Comments

The VoIP system is a critical aspect of a successful inbound call center. VoIP allows businesses to affordably receive and manage calls, including managing day-to-day operations. VoIP is a phone solution that for the most part, removes the need to know how to set up...

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How to Use Your Mobile Device as a VoIP Phone

Jay Jackson | 09.09.19 | 0 Comments

It’s 2019, should your business still use traditional landlines? The answer is probably not. Many organizations are already switching over to VoIP systems. Considering they usually are compatible with your existing phone hardware, and even your smartphone, perhaps you should take the leap as well....

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7 Ways VoIP Benefits Travel Agencies

Gabriel Nwatarali | 22.08.19 | 0 Comments

Communication is an important part of running any enterprise but even more so with travel agencies. Effective, efficient, and reliable communication is how you provide the best travel experiences for your clients. That’s why every travel business must have dependable and high-quality phone systems. VoIP...

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8 Questions to Ask VoIP Providers Before Choosing One

Daniel Ndukwu | 07.08.19 | 1 Comments

VoIP has become a popular way to keep in touch with your customers and team no matter where they are. It can effectively replace your land line and enable unified communications with much less complexity. There are so many VoIP providers out there that once...

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