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Choosing a VoIP system can be tricky. There are new terms to understand and a range of choices to be made that can effect your business. To help you choose the best VoIP system for your business, we publish regular articles to help you make an informed decision.

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How to Use Your Mobile Device as a VoIP Phone

Jay Jackson | 09.09.19 | 0 Comments

It’s 2019, should your business still use traditional landlines? The answer is probably not. Many organizations are already switching over to VoIP systems. Considering they usually are compatible with your existing phone hardware, and even your smartphone, perhaps you should take the leap as well....

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7 Ways VoIP Benefits Travel Agencies

Gabriel Nwatarali | 22.08.19 | 0 Comments

Communication is an important part of running any enterprise but even more so with travel agencies. Effective, efficient, and reliable communication is how you provide the best travel experiences for your clients. That’s why every travel business must have dependable and high-quality phone systems. VoIP...

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8 Questions to Ask VoIP Providers Before Choosing One

Daniel Ndukwu | 07.08.19 | 1 Comments

VoIP has become a popular way to keep in touch with your customers and team no matter where they are. It can effectively replace your land line and enable unified communications with much less complexity. There are so many VoIP providers out there that once...

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Advantages of Using a VoIP Home Phone

Daniel Ndukwu | 24.07.19 | 0 Comments

VoIP came on the scene and proved to be a great solution for all types of businesses. A few of those early adopters decided to give it a try as their home phone service. At first, it functioned just like a regular phone then people...

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VoIP and the Gen Z Workforce

Daniel Ndukwu | 18.07.19 | 0 Comments

The last couple of years have been all about the needs of millennials in the workforce. One thing that is clear is that it took a while before most understood them. Just as businesses were beginning to adapt to the millennials, a new group of...

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Set Up VoIP for Your Home or Office

Daniel Ndukwu | 20.06.19 | 0 Comments

Over the last few years, the internet has gotten faster and VoIP has gotten more robust. Over a billion users have chosen to set up VoIP systems to handle their communication needs. Not only is it a cheaper solution for businesses of all sizes, but...

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How Does VoIP Receptionist Work?

Daniel Ndukwu | 23.05.19 | 0 Comments

There are many reasons VoIP systems are gaining popularity. It’s cost-effective, flexible, and has a lot of advanced features. One of those features is a dedicated VoIP receptionist. The more your business grows the more customers and prospective clients will be calling you. Instead of...

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A Detailed Overview of Popular VoIP Hardware

Pavel Aramyan | 24.04.19 | 3 Comments

VoIP hardware refers to the physical devices that are necessary to take full advantage of a VoIP system. Nowadays, VoIP systems are quickly becoming a standard for businesses that want to offer high-quality service and compete with large organizations. VoIP systems may appear to be...

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How to Get a Virtual Phone Number

Pavel Aramyan | 25.03.19 | 3 Comments

Businesses and individuals get a virtual phone number to improve their operations, decrease costs, add flexibility, and become able to connect with any client and/or employee anywhere in the world. In the age of modern technology, old school telephone systems have become a hindrance in...

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How to Forward Calls with VoIP: Beginner’s Guide

Pavel Aramyan | 25.02.19 | 0 Comments

Knowing how to forward calls can save you a lot of time and money, and increase the annual revenue. The call forwarding feature allows users to transfer an incoming call to another phone or service. While this is nothing new, it’s striking how small businesses...

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Top 5 Business VoIP Features You Need

Belal Rizvi | 04.02.19 | 0 Comments

There is no denying it, VoIP has helped transform how businesses communicate. No matter how small or big, business VoIP features allows any organization to compete in the most competitive of markets. With all the benefits of VoIP, companies are going mobile while also saving...

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How to Choose Business VoIP Service Providers

Maab Saleem | 15.01.19 | 1 Comments

Regardless of your business’ size, you are always on the lookout for avenues of improvement and growth. This can involve making new investments and ditching some of the dated solutions/technologies for advanced alternatives. A reliable and cost-efficient phone system is absolutely necessary for seamless communication...

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5 Reasons VoIP Phone Service Will Transform Your Business

Maab Saleem | 21.11.18 | 0 Comments

The number of businesses switching to VoIP is increasing rapidly. The growth of the global mobile VoIP market in the last few years is a testament to the fact. In the last two years alone, the market’s worth has increased from 11.5 to 16.5 billion US...

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Why You Need a Small Business Phone Service

Maab Saleem | 12.11.18 | 0 Comments

As a startup or a small business owner, you have to be very particular about all of your spending. Investing in a small business phone service might seem like an enterprise luxury. However, statistics show that the ROI a small business phone service such as VoIP can...

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BLF and Other Underappreciated VoIP Features

Maab Saleem | 24.10.18 | 0 Comments

VoIP brought about a paradigm shift in the world of enterprise communication by introducing a myriad of efficient and beneficial features. Some of the said features are not as appreciated as the rest, despite being just as useful, if not more. One such feature is...

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How to Prepare for the Switch to VoIP

Maab Saleem | 14.10.18 | 0 Comments

Making VoIP your primary mode of enterprise communication and collaboration can do wonders for your business when it comes to overall cost, third-party integrations, call quality, and data mining. However, switching from a traditional PTSN infrastructure to a VoIP system isn’t a task to be...

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5 Things to Consider Before Upgrading to a Cloud PBX

Maab Saleem | 25.09.18 | 0 Comments

There was a time, not so long ago, when stakeholders frowned at the idea of ‘shifting to the cloud.’ Storing everything on virtual servers didn’t seem conceivable – or secure. It’s safe to say that we are well past that stage of change-resistance and have...

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How Integrating VoIP With Skype For Business Increases Productivity

Maab Saleem | 06.08.18 | 2 Comments

To enhance efficiency and productivity of a workforce in the modern world, constant collaboration and integration are necessary. You can no longer afford to lose time by keeping different enterprise applications like marketing tools, contact management tools and sales pipelines etc. working disjointedly. For example,...

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5 Reasons Why You Need Call Screening

Maab Saleem | 25.07.18 | 0 Comments

With the introduction of VoIP, many advanced calling features became common in the world of enterprise and personal telephony. Call screening not only provides a way for anyone to block unwanted calls and avoid getting disturbed via them, but it also presents many other benefits....

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5 Reasons To Use VoIP For Your Medical Practice

Aaron Foster | 23.07.18 | 0 Comments

VoIP has revolutionized communication across multiple industries and the medical field is one of them. Having a seamless, efficient and cost-friendly communication solution for your medical practice can be a game-changer. However, in order to stay compliant with HIPPA and HITECH, you have to be very...

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