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Alliance offers cloud-based VoIP solutions at attractive prices. Its services are geared towards small and medium-sized businesses with about 20-50 users. The California-based company owns its technology and is able to troubleshoot and fix any type of problems with their system. Alliance provides a complete range of phones and conference devices to help maintain a smooth communication channel within your company. They have easy payment plans and their devices are easy to set up and use. All their plans come with rich PBX features and fulfill all crucial business requirements. They don’t cater to residential clients so that they can completely focus on businesses and their needs.

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Alliance is basically designed for businesses of small to medium size. While its services are open for large businesses as well as small startups, they are ideal for teams of 20-50 people. All the features of their devices are designed to provide reliable and uninterrupted service. Porting generally takes 7-12 days and they provide a temporary number for that duration of time.

Devices and options

Alliance offers 2-line, 3-line, 4-line, and 5-line business IP phones, conference systems, phone adapters and routers, 321 small business IP phones, and 550 IP phones. They have models from Cisco and Polycom and their phones come pre-provisioned. Their proprietary softphone is under development but they recommend using X-Lite on Windows and Mac, and Bria on iPhone. You can set them up using Alliance services. The choices offered by them include a complete range of features and capabilities for all types of businesses.

Software integration

It’s easy to integrate the phone with your PC or smartphone. You can easily import contacts and they will appear on the portal. They can be dragged and dropped and integrated for advanced call features. Here are some platforms you can integrate them with:

  • Sugar CRM – An open source relation management platform
  • MS Outlook – Contacts can be stored in a database for easier access
  • Google Contacts – Sync your contacts online

Advanced calling features

There are several advanced features that are available on all plans. There are some services that would charge extra (for example, call recording and toll-free number).

Users get to use the company’s online portal along with remote system management and call management services. You can have complete call control along with inbound and call forwarding options. You can also set your own call rules by restricting some calls while prioritizing others. Users can get optional call recording features and voicemail forwarding. Alliance also offers an automatic attendant that plays music on hold and sends personalized messages that can be scheduled for weekends and holidays. Their VoIP services can be integrated with Google Contacts, Microsoft Outlook, and other platforms. Companies can create user groups and assign certain features to them. You can also maintain call logs. There is also a voicemail-to-email translate facility that makes things easier for businesses.

Additional Features

  • Voicemail and greetings. Easily create and
    modify your inboxes and greetings. Access your voicemail from all devices.
  • Internet fax. Send faxes from your computer, mobile phones, cloud storage providers and others.
  • Phone service and devices. All devices, digital and analogue can be easily connected to RingCentral. You can also rent IP phones and conferencing equipment.
  • Call management. RingCentral offers the full range of call management features, including call forwarding, automatic call recording, screening and notifications.
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Plans & Pricing

Depending on your needs, you can get one of their three plans. All their plans are monthly, and there are no annual contracts. They don’t charge a setup fee and provide unlimited minutes along with rich PBX features. Here are the plans.

    • Easy Plus: For a 1-3 person team at $29.97 per month for each user.
    • Simplicity Plus: For a 4-20 person team at $24.97 per month for each user.
    • Effortless Plus: For a 21-100+ person team at $19.97 per month for each user.

They offer a free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all their plans. In the free trial, you can get a free phone number and unlimited calling for 30 days.

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Ease of Setup

When you order their devices, they come pre-provisioned, which means you don’t have to set them up. It’s already done for you. And if you want to use a softphone, they have provided all the instructions online. It’s really easy to integrate the IP phone with your system and if you face any problem, their customer support will help you out. Their software is easy to use and has a clear and minimal interface.

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Customer Support

Alliance offers top notch customer service. Their regular phone support is available on standard working hours according to Pacific Standard Time, and the emergency support is available 24/7. They also have an FAQ section that will help you resolve your problems. And if you want to chat with them, their representatives are active on the website and they have a chat feature there.

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Bottom Line

If you’re a small-to-medium sized business looking for a phone system, Alliance can offer you the perfect solution for your needs. Since they have their own technology, they can troubleshoot and maintain their system quickly. They don’t have any annual contracts, which means you can cancel anytime you’re not satisfied with their services. They have a flat fee system and it’s easy to scale up or down on their services.

Do you have some feedback about Alliance services? Let us know. If you want to add something to the review or find something inaccurate, mention it in the comments.

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