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CircleLoop is an online telephony system delivered as a Software as a service (SaaS) solution. Once registered, business can be conducted on a Windows machine or a Mac, as well as an iPhone or an Android phone, seamlessly and efficiently. The categorically cloud-based application eradicates the need for hardware installation or setup fees as well.

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Luxury to choose your own number

CircleLoop gives you the luxury to choose from the long list of local, national and mobile numbers present in the UK. After you choose your city, you are presented with an array of available numbers and you can choose the one you like the most.

Personalized voicemail

The CircleLoop application allows you to set up a personalized voicemail message that can greet your customers for you when you are not available. You can either record a voicemail directly from the application or upload a compatible file (from the Calls section under Settings). You can also personalize your settings to direct an unanswered call to another colleague instead of making it go to voicemail.


The CircleLoop application for Windows and Mac devices has three sections: settings, dial-pad and analytics. From the analytics section, you can view the number of total calls, number of inbound calls, missed calls and outbound calls made during customizable timeframes. You can also view the users who made the calls or the numbers on which the calls were made during the selected timeframe.

Rich telephony features:

CircleLoop has some rich VoIP features like voicemail to text which transcribes all your voicemails for you (and sends them to your emails), call transfer (which transfers your live calls to your colleagues), conference calling and call recording etc. You can even set the business hours during which you will be available to receive calls.

Mobility and real-time synchronization:

With applications for your laptop and your smartphones (both Android and IOS), you can access all the telephony features from anywhere and everywhere; all you need is an internet connection. All the data is also synchronized across all devices in real-time.

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Plans & Pricing

CircleLoop can be tried for 7 days prior to making a purchase. It offers the following pricing plans:

  • Unlimited: The unlimited package costs £15 per month plus the value added tax (VAT) per user per month. With it, you get 1 UK number, all of the fundamental CircleLoop features (conference calling, voicemail to text and call recording etc.), unlimited outbound calls (all UK 01, 02, 03, 0800, most major network 07 numbers, USA +1, Canada +1 and Ireland +353 numbers) and unlimited inbound calls. To place any international calls, you will have to pay merely 3p/min.
  • Pay as you go: With this package you also get 1 UK number and all of the CircleLoop features (conference calling, call recording and voicemail to text etc.) but to place UK outbound or international calls, you will have to pay 3p/min. You can place unlimited inbound calls in this package as well. This package is priced at £5 per month plus the value added tax (VAT) per user per month.

Whether you go with the ‘Pay as you go’ package or the ‘Unlimited’ one, you will not have to sign any contract or pay any set-up fees. All things considered, CircleLoop’s pricing policy is very consumer-friendly

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Ease of Setup

Unlike most VoIP applications, CircleLoop has a very clean, easy-to-use interface which shouldn’t offer a learning curve, even to the novices. The desktop and smartphone applications respond very swiftly to touch and switching between different screens is also seamless. Registration can be done within seconds from the company’s website and as soon as the download completes, you can install the application with a few clicks. All in all, it’s safe to state that CircleLoop scores fairly high on the usability front.

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Customer support

CircleLoop is a leading cloud-based business telephony solution that contains a myriad of rich VoIP features that can push your company into the 21st century (if you still need pushing). From call forwarding to getting your voicemails transcribed and from call recording to reviewing periodic call analytics, with the CircleLoop application, you can do it all.

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Bottom line

CircleLoop is the perfect choice for a telephony solution for businesses of all sizes. It presents a huge collection of rich communication features including call forwarding, call recording and voicemail transcription in a user-friendly, clean interface. It also gives its users the luxury to place calls while on-the-go with the Android and IOS mobile applications.

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