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VoIPstudio is brought to you by Level 7 Systems and offers simple yet powerful VoIP services. Its Hosted PBX system offers high-quality internet-based communication services. It also offers low prices and reliable services for businesses in the US and around the world. VoIPstudio has over 40 features that are built in to all subscriptions plans, including free inbound calls and numbers.

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VoIPstudio has over 40 features divided into three groups: Business, Technical and Integrations. Here are a few notable features:

World Wide Data Centers

While some VoIP services provide you with great call quality in the US, VoIPstudio guarantees that wherever you are, your call connection and quality will be perfect due to their three data centers in the UK, US, and Japan.

Internet Failover Protection

If you’re ever worried about what might happen to your VoIP service if you suddenly have connectivity problems, then you can stop worrying. With Internet Failover Protection your calls will be automatically redirected to any landline or mobile number in the world.

Unlimited Storage

VoIPstudio gives you unlimited voicemail and call recording storage. Now you’ll never need to worry again about having a full voicemail and missing messages from customers.

Additional Free Features

  • Free internet calls
  • Mobile client
  • Virtual numbers
  • Music on hold
  • Follow me
  • Voicemail
  • Fax gateway
  • SMS gateway
  • Speech-to-text
  • Emergency service calling
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Plans & Pricing

VoIPstudio IP PBX offers affordable prices, however these prices are per user inside a subscription program.

The Pay As You Go Plan costs $4.99. Unlimited Domestic comes in at $19.99 per user with extra options such as inclusive geographical number for each user and free outbound calls to fixed lines in one chosen country. Unlimited International costs $39.99 per user and includes free international calls to certain countries, making it more suitable for larger businesses with employees and/or clients around the world.

All programs include free setup, 24/7 technical support, all features, free inbound calls and free inbound numbers: 0845/0560 and iNum.

You also get a bonus of 100 free minutes when you open a new account with VoIPstudio.

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Ease of Setup

VoIPstudio is simple to install. All you need to do is purchase the program you’re interested in, download the software to your computer, Android or iPhone and you’re all set. There are simple 60-90 second video tutorials on their site that will help you get started and learn how to use the basic features.

The design of the software is a bit crowded with features, but simple enough to understand. Unfortunately, though VoIPstudio is compatible with standard IP phone handsets, the VoIP adapters required to make them play nicely with landline phones are not included in the price and need to be purchased separately.

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Customer Support

VoIPstudio offers 24/7 technical support. You can conduct a live chat with a representative, read their support manuals, view tutorial videos and useful screenshots. An FAQ section includes answers to useful question. Your personal account also includes a support center.

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Bottom Line

VoIPstudio hosted PBX system is a great VoIP service for your business. All of its features are included in all available programs, and the prices are relatively low. The only drawback is a lack of analogue adapters included, but apps are available for almost all devices and operating systems.

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