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Vonage is the UK’s leading Business Cloud Communication Provider. With over 15 years of experience since 2003, Vonage has grown to serve a global business market with over $1B in revenue. Vonage’s Business Cloud provides today’s businesses, from entrepreneur to enterprise, innovative packaged solutions without compromising on quality or value for money. Vonage offers a good variety of calling plans to meet the exact needs of business users. They also offer a range of VoIP phones and routers that are designed to get the most out of business communications. The feature-full plans, excellent call quality and easy setup make it a go-to choice for VoIP calling requirements.

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Keep Your Number

It’s easy to switch to Vonage, you tell us what number set up you have and we will organize the number transfer for you. Contact our friendly service staff today to find out how.

Integrated Mobile App and many more smart features

Make and receive calls on multiple devices. With our mobile app and plug and play setup, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Multi-Line Phone System

Vonage lets you handle calls using up to three devices per extension, so you can take and receive calls on your handset in the office, at home, from your smartphone and from your laptop. It’s a great way to improve the efficiency of your business communications and works very smoothly.

Enhanced Call-Forwarding

Enhanced call forwarding gives users the ability to answer home or business phone calls from wherever they are. This redirects selected calls through your Vonage Online Account or by phone. It’s easy to set up and callers never know it is being forwarded.

Advanced Voicemail

Vonage boasts Voicemail Plus which allows customers to listen to their voice messages from any phone or they can have the audio sent to their email.

Selected Call Block

Selected Call Block makes it easier than ever to block any unwanted callers. You can block and unblock calls as frequently as you wish.

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Plans & Pricing

Vonage Business Cloud Communications start as low as £9.99 per month. Get 1,000 UK landline and mobile minutes or get completely unlimited calling from just £15 per month. Best value for international calling – £3.33 for unlimited calling to over 60 countries. No hidden fees and no compromising on service.

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Ease of Setup

Vonage’s business phone systems are easy to activate, intuitive to use, and simple to maintain, upgrade and scale. Users can expect an easy setup procedure with Vonage. A simple, three-step process means users only need to connect the phone adapter to the internet connection. It’s a breeze to use out of the box and it comes with clear-cut guidance. If any troubleshooting issues arise then you’ll find as much help as you could possibly need on the customer support page of the website.

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Customer Support

Vonage’s support team makes it easy to find a solution. The FAQ section is broken down into sections while the troubleshooting page swiftly gets you to the root of any technical issues. There are also online video tutorials which are very helpful when setting up the adapter. What’s more, a live chat feature and a phone number to contact are there should you ever need to speak to someone directly. There is also 24/7 help & support, a community forum and a blog.

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Bottom Line

Vonage VoIP plans are suitable for a range of business needs. The wide choice of plans and handy features ensures customers get what they want and more. Customers can build their own plan rather than settle for a pre-built package. Vonage is a trusted and established brand that is worth considering for both SMB and Enterprise.

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Jessica Silva
Jessica is an entrepreneur with a company that assists small startups in getting off the ground. Her years of experience in business communications means she can provide great telephony advice to help businesses achieve success.
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  • Jessica Silva

    Hi Rich,
    Thanks for contacting us.
    Vonage SoftPhone is a fully functioning telephone interface that you can download and install on your PC or Mac and use without your Vonage phone adapter, even when you are traveling. With the SoftPhone you can make and receive calls, pick up voicemail and use most other Vonage features. Vonage gives you the ability to use their services. The Softphone is the software you need to download through which Vonage services are executed and VoIP calls are made.
    Please contact us should you need anything else.
    Kind Regards,

  • Rich

    I am unfamiliar with the term “softphone”. What is it and why would I have to pay an additional $10 per month?

  • Geraldine Edmonds-McCord

    Interested in cost for residential phone & all info as to how much/cost to install & transfer current home phone No. to your system & time/how long/days? to do the transfer&install?

    • Jessica Silva

      Hi Geraldine,
      Thanks for taking the time out to contact us.
      With Vonage, there are many residential plans available from $9.99 to $14.99 per month if you take the annual plans. The price goes up if you just take the monthly option. It includes free shipping and free activation. It’s simple to install yourself as it comes with an installation guide. You keep your existing phone number or you can get a new one. If you ordered online, the total equipment delivery time changes according to the shipping option you chose. Vonage adapters come plug-in ready, so you can begin using the services as soon as you complete the few installation steps necessary and can hear a dial tone.
      If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to contact us,

      • Needham Layton

        I need a quote for residential service. All the quotes i have been getting are for business.Do you service residential?

  • Ronnie

    I have had Vonage for about 20 years, in fact my whole family has Vonage, I would recommend it to anyone. I am able to call 60 countries. Talk as long as I like, in fact, my wife calls her sister every day. She lives in Great Britain.

  • Fred Stanley

    can I use my old phone number if i transfer service?

  • Robert Cowell

    I would like to eliminate my land line and just use my cell phones at home. the problem is
    I don’t have cell service at home. What do you have to help me?

  • Eric

    You residential plan started out sounding good with the $9.99 fee per month, but to raise the fee after one year of service to $25.99, and an extra $10.00 for softphone (whatever that is) well for whatever reason you do that, it’s enough to run me off.

  • Bud

    Can I replace my Comcast system with VoIP?

  • Jorge Hinojosa

    Can I use Vonage as domestic phone service? as ladline and cellphone lines?
    What is needed and how it works?

    • Jon

      Will this system work on multiple cordless phones?

      • Jessica Silva

        Hi Jon,
        Thanks for taking the time out to contact us.
        There are several options for setting up more than one phone on a single phone line. When it comes to cordless phones, you can plug the base unit of a cordless telephone system into your Vonage adapter and install the additional cordless phones in other locations.
        I hope this information gives you the answer you are looking for and if you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Faye Valdiviez

    Can my elderly mother use your landline phone service with her Clarity XLC3.4 Amplified Cordless phone at $9.99/mo?

  • Ron

    Have had Vonage for about 5 yrs. now. Love it!!!!


Vonage Review