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Founded in 2016, ZenPhone is a “young” technology company that offers VOIP services using patent-pending technology. The company places an emphasis on providing their users with a local phone number, so that they not only avoid high long-distance charges, but also appear as local in any caller ID system. For businesses that offer global services, this is a great way to have customers from around the globe call one number that always appears local, no matter where they are.

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Even though it’s a relatively young company, there are a number of features that make ZenPhone a popular, competitive choice.

Local, Anywhere

Businesses that target global audiences can use ZenPhone to place a unique number on their website. The number’s area code will change and appear different, depending on who is viewing the site. For example, if someone from Spain visits the website, the area code will automatically be local to Spain. This is a huge benefit in terms of marketing and creating brand loyalty. Your ZenPhone account can also be accessed anywhere that you have access to the Internet, making this product highly accessible. You also receive a dashboard that you can access anywhere, where you can view your current analytics and keep tabs on campaigns while you are on the go.

Easy to Use

VOIPs are often considered somewhat complicated to set up and use, but ZenPhone appears to be straightforward in their approach. Installing the code on your site is as easy as copy-paste, as they provide the code along with clear instructions on where to put it.

Track Incoming Calls

If you plan on getting calls from many different locations, being able to know who is calling before you answer is a big deal. Not only will this help you prepare the right kind of sales pitch and service, but it also provides you with marketing insights into your target audience.

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Plans & Pricing

ZenPhone offers three packages: Basic, Plus, and Premium.

The Basic package costs $49 a month, and includes 2 phone numbers and 50 minutes. Any time over 50 minutes is 50 cents a minute. The Plus package is $199 a month, and offers 5 numbers and 250 minutes. Going over that costs an additional 30 cents a minute. The largest package, Premium, costs $399 a month, and includes 10 numbers and 500 minutes, and it costs 20 cents for every minute over that. All of the packages are available for a 14-day free trial.

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Ease of Setup

Setup is fairly simple, but it does involve some basic web development experience. The company simply provides you with a piece of code and instructions on where and how to place it on your website. If you have some experience with editing your site, this is a very easy process. Otherwise, it is best to hand it over to your web developer.

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Customer Support

ZenPhone’s customer support covers the minimum that you would expect. Support is available by phone or email between 9am and 5pm PST. The company also has an active Facebook page and is responsive there as well – you will usually receive a response on Facebook within a few minutes to an hour, even after normal working hours. There is no public FAQ on the website, or setup tutorials. There is also no accessible ticket system, or knowledge center where you can search for solutions.

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Bottom Line

Overall, this is a very useful solution for businesses that target global locations. A simple code pasted in your website allows you to appear local and save your customers the long-distance costs of calling you. That being said, it is a very young company, founded in 2016, and it appears they are still changing and improving their product and service, so that should be kept in mind as well.

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