5 Reasons VoIP Phone Service Will Transform Your Business

Maab Saleem

Nov 21 2018

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The number of businesses switching to VoIP is increasing rapidly. The growth of the global mobile VoIP market in the last few years is a testament to the fact. In the last two years alone, the market’s worth has increased from 11.5 to 16.5 billion US dollars. The increase in adoption of VoIP makes sense, too. Not only does the switch from traditional telephony save you a lot of money, but it also helps boost productivity. Moreover, a VoIP phone service bundle come with a host of beneficial telecommunication features. This offers the freedom to talk from anywhere, which makes life easier for you and your workforce.

If you are still stuck with your traditional telephonic solution and are considering the switch to a flexible VoIP solution, then this article will introduce to you, some of the reasons why you shouldn’t wait any longer.

Rapid business transformation

In the beginning, people had their doubts about VoIP due to the hardware and software requirements. Today, however, VoIP phone services are a crucial communication solution businesses rely on. If you have a reliable internet connection and adequate bandwidth, you can rely on a high-quality VoIP system to keep up with the needs of your business.

Here’s why your business should switch to VoIP calling:

It’s cost effective

For a growing business, arguably one of the main objectives is to keep costs to a minimum. A VoIP phone service solution, offering seamless communication and collaboration, costs far less than a traditional telephone system. Indeed, there are some upfront costs at the time of installation and configuration. But once you are all set up, you’ll see the difference right away. You can make local calls at only nominal charges. You can get on a video call with your remote colleagues without having to pay for a third-party subscription. Long distance call charges are easy to make at a fraction of the traditional phone plan cost. With most VoIP providers, you even get bundles of free international minutes. Particularly if your business needs to make cross-country or international phone calls regularly, your savings can be substantial.

In addition, if you choose a hosted VoIP phone service solution, there’s nothing to pay when it comes to hardware installation and maintenance. Moreover, scaling or adding new users won’t cost you a fortune. All of this makes VoIP services, such as Vonage , an optimal choice for growing businesses looking to cut costs and make smart financial decisions.

Superior call quality

As we mentioned, VoIP phone service has evolved as a technology in the last few years. In the early years, call quality wasn’t always reliable. Moreover, you could only talk to your colleagues if you both were sitting in front of a computer. Today, VoIP calling is limitless, seamless, extremely high quality. You can place calls directly to a caller’s smartphone or other mobile devices. This is because almost all top vendors also provide feature-rich smartphone applications along with their solutions. In addition, modern, full-featured IP phones are designed with technology that provides exceptional call quality. Obviously, the clarity of the voice is contingent on the speed and quality of your internet connection. But if your bandwidth is adequate and if call traffic is prioritized, your call quality is sure to be top of the line.

Ability to work and collaborate remotely

With a VoIP telephone system, your employees and colleagues can make business calls from anywhere. All they need is access to an internet connection. This makes working from home or when traveling much easier. This also augments a business’ ability to onboard remote workers from all over the world. Top VoIP solutions actually go beyond voice calling. They allow you to place video calls and hold conference meetings online.

With the modern VoIP phone service technology, you don’t even necessarily need a landline or computer. You can link a mobile phone to your VoIP network or download a smartphone app from your vendor. This is a great advantage for those businesses that require regular calling and travel. It helps keeps productivity high because calling is so accessible. This is also incredibly beneficial for companies that actively nurture leads. You’ll no longer miss a call from a prospective client when you step away from your desk. Your VoIP phone keeps you connected at all times.

VoIP works with enterprise applications

If you run a business, you’re well aware of the need to keep things organized and synchronized. Luckily, a VoIP phone service system lets you pair with other applications. These include email servers, business management software, enterprise resource planning systems, and even analog phone systems. This gives you the ability to have voicemail messages emailed to you, so you never miss a call. What’s more, you can even link your VoIP application to a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. This opens up all sorts of business growth opportunities. The software can display all pertinent details about a customer as soon as the phone rings. This gives you the tools to improve customer service and increase lead conversion. RingCentral offers great plans and integrates with many popular business tools.

It’s the future

Long-term phone contracts and questionable customer service have been the foundation of traditional phone service. VoIP phone services throw that out the window and give you simple, cheap, and efficient internet calling wherever you are. It’s easy to install and get started, and maintenance is outsourced. With fast-developing technology, VoIP is ever evolving, offering more and faster call options. Traditional telephony is expected to turn completely obsolete in the next few years. When that happens, PTSN technology providers are expected to go out of business, making the switch to VoIP an absolute necessity for companies still being oblivious to its advantages.


VoIP has transformed the lives of millions of businesses in the past two decades. That’s why the global VoIP market is growing in size exponentially and exceeding financial expectations. In this article, we talked about some of the obvious advantages VoIP phone service offers. Now you should have a better understanding of how it can improve the efficiency of your business for the better.

There are many VoIP providers to pick from and many that specialize in business calling. Be sure to find the one that fits your business needs so you can make a seamless transition to VoIP phone services.

This article was originally published on July 3, 2016. The content of this article has been updated.

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