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Top 5 Business VoIP Features You Need

Updated: June 20, 2024
Belal Rizvi

Written by

Belal Rizvi

There is no denying it, VoIP has helped transform how businesses communicate. No matter how small or big, business VoIP features allows any organization to compete in the most competitive of markets. With all the benefits of VoIP, companies are going mobile while also saving on communication costs. However, before deciding to opt for the service, it is important that you have your company in order. There is a bit of thought that needs to go into selecting the best VoIP features and options for your business needs. Therefore, you need to prepare beforehand, so make sure you:
  • Have a proper infrastructure
  • Know what your requirements are based on your communication needs
  • Set a budget for the system
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Once you have these elements, you need to look for a solution that offers these 5 innovative business VoIP features:

Hot Desking

A business needs are never static, they change with time. You need to make sure that your communication doesn’t halt in the process of these changes. One such issue that comes about as a business expands or when employees shift from one room to another is making sure their communication needs are met. What happens when a sales agent with hundreds of clients who contact him directly swaps desks? You don’t expect the agent to tell all their clients that his/her extension or number has changed. “Hot desking,” another one of many business VoIP features, comes into play here. It allows the VoIP system to easily reconfigure phone settings for employees, so that as they move, so do their settings and extension. You can even put two different agents on the same line using this feature. This feature gives the ability to have multiple systems with the same setting, allowing agents to work from anywhere in the office without having to worry about missed calls. Your agents will have complete mobility to work from anywhere in the office.

Video Calling

Video calling is a feature that serves as a blessing in disguise for both internal and external communications. If you have employees working from home or from a distance, you can easily conference them in on video. The visual aid helps in the communication process, so the ideas are communicated more effectively and it gives a sense of everyone working together in real-time. We are all aware of the impact video marketing has, why not offer clients the option to video chat with the sales or accounts team? This feature will help them develop a stronger relationship and a sense of trust in your business as they get to put a face on the individual they often communicate with. More and more consumers are using either video chat or call on their mobile device, so why not give them the option to do that with your business? It will further strengthen the quality of customer service your business offers.  Making video calling one of the best VoIP features. business voip features_voip video calling

High-Definition Voice Quality

When you are speaking with clients, there is nothing more off-putting than static or any interference in the line. While internally the static can be ignored, a business that often has static in their phone lines gives an unprofessional appearance to clients. Static isn’t the only problem that occurs. Another issue is how the level of volume on calls occasionally drops lower on mobile and landline phones. You won’t come across the problem of static and low volume with VoIP as the best solutions offer high-definition voice quality. Systems such as Onsip and Vonage use a higher range of audio spectrum than what you get from landlines, so static and low volume calls don’t occur. The wider the speech bandwidth, the better the quality of voice will be. You won’t have to worry about static leading to any miscommunication in your workplace anymore.


According to Statista, 52% of website traffic thus far in 2018 was from mobile phones. Consumers find it easier to browse for information and services on their smartphones. Why not give them the opportunity to contact you with just a click of a button? The click-to-call option allows you to link your VoIP system to a widget or link on your website. Once the user clicks on the widget, it will automatically dial through to your company. This provides them with an easy way to contact your business, without having to write down your number or switch from your website to their phone dial pad a couple time to ensure the number is right.


This is one of the most overlooked business VoIP features. In actuality, it can prove to be quite useful in the long run. Every organization has the desire to grow, but when growth actually occurs, their hands are tied. Simple tasks such as putting in new phone lines and systems in place can takes and money. You won’t have to worry about that with VoIP. The technology gives you the option to scale up with ease. When you expand and hire new employees, all you have to do is call your VoIP provider and pay the additional cost to add more lines. Voila, it’s all taken care of. Scaling your organization with VoIP features for business is as simple as a call.

Find a provider with the business VoIP features you need

With so many business VoIP features, it is still puzzling that many companies have yet to opt for this simple solution. VoIP presents you with the chance to take charge of how communication is done at your workplace. It provides innovative communication tools, mobility, scalability, and allows you to cut communication costs. These features of VoIP technology will change how you communicate, making it easier and more professional. Now all that's left for you to do is browse our recommended providers, make sure they have the business VoIP features you need, and try it out for yourself today!

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3 years ago

What about Duplex versus simplex?

TOP5 Team
TOP5 Teamd
2 days ago
Reply to  Terri

While you are correct that Duplex and Suplex communication modes are indeed important features, it was decided that was a bit out of the scope for this article.

Belal Rizvi

Belal Rizvi

With over 6 years of content writing experience, Belal Rizvi provides his expertise to Top5 Voip Providers. He enjoys researching new trends and sharing his thoughts on various technical topics ranging from digital marketing to VoIP systems.