The Importance Of Call Analytics

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VoIP systems that provide call analytics features are often preferred by businesses and with good reason. Whether you run a small enterprise, overlook a team of call center representatives, or are the CEO of a budding startup, programs showing call analytics can help you track performance and ensure quality control. Most of the leading VoIP service providers include such intuitive software in their solutions and they are often not hard to find.

Call analytics are predominantly a suite of tools that help you to not only document the sources and destinations of calls, but they also provide ways for you to evaluate advertising performance and scrutinize call agent efficiency. If you routinely call people to convey marketing messages or updates, you can gauge their efficiency (and that of the caller) by going through call recordings, logs, histories and conversion rates. Supervisors and managers can make important operational decisions by answering questions like:

  • How long does one call normally last?
  • How long does it take for a customer to get their requests granted or questions answered when they talk to representative A?
  • How long does a customer wait before their call gets placed?

The real power of call analytics can be harnessed by integrating the programs with customer relationship management or CRM tools. Call center administrators can upgrade call flow and placement, mitigate risk factors, and perform resource allocation optimization, thereby ensuring that customer interactions are made more positive. The next time you are in the market for a VoIP solution, make sure you compare the best VoIP providers based on the provided features before you make a decision. Here are some other reasons why call analytic solutions should be used by businesses that intend to improve operational efficacy and efficiency:

Every caller gets the quality they expect

There is no such thing as “just another customer.” The key to ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction is to treat every customer as if they were the most important one. By using call analytics, companies can record calls, log call durations, and ensure that every customer gets the quality of support they expect.

The employee performance gets improved

In addition to enhancing customer experience, call analytics can also go a long way in ensuring that the performance of employees is improved. Using the tools, managers can generate statistics like call count, average call duration, and availability for all the employees and reward the ones who stand out. By creating an environment of healthy competition, managers can ensure that all the employees are giving all they can.

Advertising using calls

For a long time now, businesses have been using voice calls to advertise new campaigns and new products to customers. By using different call analytic tools, companies can examine their marketing strategies and formulate future plans that are more likely to convert prospects into customers. For example, if a company is running multiple ad campaigns and it wants to compare all of them to find out the best performer, it can do so by using different call harvesting and statistical generation features present in the modern call analytic tools. Important details pertaining to marketing leads like IVR responses, keyword source, conversion rate, average hold time, and average call duration can go a long way in helping businesses fine the best sellers.

Improve call quality with VoIP

Where call analytics can give a business a comprehensive overview of what’s right and what’s wrong in the day-to-day operations of a call center, call quality is something that is often the primary deal-breaker when it comes to customer support. Ensuring that every customer gets their desired output in the fastest possible time is important, but doing so while maintaining high levels of call quality is equally important. Here are a couple of ways you can ensure that your customers never get to complain about call quality:

Invest in good headsets

Even though the primary determining factors for call quality are your internet connection’s bandwidth and reliability, VoIP headsets are not far behind. These headsets range from 1$ to 400$ and choosing the right fit for your business is very important. There is no “need” to buy a fancy headset, but buying one that cancels noise adequately and delivers sound to both the ears clearly can make a real difference.

Don’t let your network get clogged

Jitter and latency can kill your call quality but if jitter buffers and bandwidth upgrades don’t seem to make any difference, then try observing your network traffic. Make sure that your VoIP network doesn’t get too much data traffic.

Final word

Call analytic tools are designed to give business owners a precise overview of how well the calling staff is performing and what steps are needed to be taken in order to improve the output of marketing campaigns and customer satisfaction. Most of the solutions provided by the famous VoIP phone service providers can be used in tandem with customer relationship management systems and this makes the process of analysis, reconciliation, and optimization a whole lot easier.

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