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As a healthcare organization, providing life changing outcomes to your patients is more important than anything else. Today, that looks different than it did fifty years ago. It is no longer about the individual practitioner but rather a team that works together to create positive outcomes. It is important for all medical staff to be able to communicate whether they are in their offices or in the wards attending to patients. As a healthcare organization, you need a mobile VoIP phone system that is reliable, secure, and cost effective to help you improve patient outcomes.

HIPAA compliance from day 1

HIPAA compliance is not something that can be taken lightly. It is the most widely adopted security framework in the U.S. healthcare industry. VoIP providers are well versed in the nuances of HIPAA compliance. When you adopt VoIP for your healthcare organization, you get the productivity and efficiency increase, as well as industry leading security.

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HIPAA compliance from day 1
Promote collaboration across teams

One of the major challenges with delivering superior healthcare is siloed communication. There is a lot to keep track of. At times, additional information that may not seem immediately relevant is not passed along simply because it is not a priority. With unified communication via VoIP phone systems, it is possible to initiate one to many messages or create groups where additional information is shared freely. The end result is a better outcome for the patients that rely on you.

At the same time, managers and physicians can easily reach other staff members to coordinate CME presentations, ward rounds, and patient interventions.

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Promote collaboration across teams
Improve proactive patient communication

Healthcare has moved well beyond the traditional setting of the doctor’s office or emergency room. Today, patients expect care to continue across different mediums. Use your VoIP system to send SMS messages that promote medication compliance, schedule appointments, and give access to live medical support.

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Improve proactive patient communication
Mobile diagnosis and consultation

Being out of the office does not mean patients should lose access to you. Mobile conferencing makes it possible to stay connected to the people who need your help wherever you go. Instead of having the patient come to meet you, a VoIP phone system enables you to set up a HIPAA compliant video call to diagnose, assess, or consult with patients.

You can also patch in colleagues from different offices to help with a tough diagnosis or just give a different opinion. It can also be used for meetings between colleagues in different offices and even countries.

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Mobile diagnosis and consultation
This move to the cloud will provide us with the agility we require to connect with our members wherever they are to meet their healthcare needs better and faster.
Sy Zahedi, MedXM
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RingCentral is an all-in-one communication suite that empowers your staff to communicate securely whether they’re in the office, visiting patients at home, or responding to emergencies. Enterprise grade security, HIPAA compliance, and productivity features allow you to launch new initiatives quickly and share sensitive information across teams. If staff are out of the office, they can be contacted on a mobile device and patients can even participate in video conferences for consultations and diagnosis.

Vonage is an industry leading VoIP provider that is HIPAA and PCI compliant. It provides world class features and 24/7 support while maintaining low prices. Get started with Vonage to unlock the benefits of VoIP phone systems such as mobile communications, document sharing, and patient video conferencing.  It also comes with the ability to communicate across multiple channels, integrate a CRM into your operations, and access analytics that help you understand how your communication strategy is affecting patient outcomes.

Zoom is a modern cloud phone system that offers a single platform for chat, voice, video, and meetings. Zoom is a global platform with HD audio and enterprise-grade reliability and quality. Additionally, it offers PBX features that allow employees to communicate and interact in new ways.

Founded in 2004, Ooma is an American telecommunications company specializing in voice over internet protocol technologies. The brand’s services are primarily targeted towards small and medium enterprises, as well as at-home workers and mobile users.

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