VoIP (Voice over IP) has long since been the modern way of communicating without having to incur the heavy calling costs of the traditional telephony services. If you have a SIP account and a SIP server (e.g. Kamailio) set up, then you can use any of the hundreds of free VoIP clients available to place free calls to other SIP account holders. If you set up a gateway server, you can also use your free VoIP client to place calls to people that don’t have SIP accounts.

In case you are not sure what a VoIP client is, it’s a simple software or tool that allows you to establish a connection with your SIP server to place a call. VoIP uses your Internet connection to call people in your network – or even people outside your network (costs may apply). Let’s look at some of the best VoIP clients out there.

1. Vonage

If you are looking for a no-nonsense, easy to use softphone for your desktop that is rich in features and free of bugs, then Vonage is an excellent option for you. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows 98 SE, NT 4.0, 2000, or XP computers and Mac OS X. They have plans for all kinds of businesses, regardless of size. You can learn more about them here.


2. RingCentral

Another mention-worthy name in the world of VoIP clients is RingCentral. The application is easy to use, and you can connect to your contacts with a single click. You can manage all your calls, record them or send text-to-speech messages with ease. You can also intercept calls while a caller is leaving a message, and there are plenty of other exciting features that come with the package. It is available for download for both Mac and Windows computers.


3. 8×8 Virtual Office desktop

If you are looking for a unified, single communications solution, fewer are better than 8×8’s Virtual Office desktop. It’s available for both Mac and Windows platforms, and the features list is huge: HD 3-way calling, video calling, call recording, visual voicemail, IM and presence, sending and receiving faxes, web conferencing and more. Some of the features are free, while others are only available with the purchase of premium packages. You can learn more or request a quote here.


4. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a VoIP service provider that offers state-of-the-art VoIP clients for your desktop. Depending on the package you choose for your business, you will get an extensive range of features to enjoy. With caller IDs, exquisite call quality, 24/7 support, voicemails, and professional text messaging, you get a range of useful services with Grasshopper. You can learn about the latest pricing or register here.


5. X-Lite

Both personal and enterprise users have been using X-Lite for a long time. With features like quality of service, presence, voice and video calls, it offers a formidable package without costing any money. X-Lite is offered as a free product by CounterPath, a company that has other enhanced products like Bria and EyeBeam that are worth paying a few extra bucks for as well.


6. MicroSIP

What MicroSIP VoIP client lacks in design creativity, it surely makes up in sound quality and features. It’s very lightweight and if you are looking for a simple client that doesn’t have any bells and whistles, then MicroSIP should be your first choice. It’s available for Windows (supports Windows 10) and Mac platforms and also has apps that can run on your Android and iOS smartphones.


7. LinPhone

LinPhone is the last (but certainly not of least importance) VoIP client for your desktop on our list. It’s an open-source platform and is available for Linux, Mac and Windows systems . You can also get it for your iOS, Android or Blackberry smartphones. With exciting features like support for IPv6, a multitude of codes, echo cancellation, video and voice calling, bandwidth management and more, you’ll get everything you need with LinPhone.


Final Word

Amazingly, we live in a world where there is no need to pay for a landline in order to talk to your loved ones or colleagues. With the invention of VoIP and its many incredible features, personal and business communication is easier than ever. If you are still using the traditional telephony services, now is a great time to shift to VoIP. If you still don’t feel convinced enough to welcome VoIP into your life, then here are 7 reasons that might change your mind.

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