How Integrating VoIP With Skype For Business Increases Productivity

Maab Saleem | 06.08.18 | 2 Comments

To enhance efficiency and productivity of a workforce in the modern world, constant collaboration and integration are necessary. You can no longer afford to lose time by keeping different enterprise applications like marketing tools, contact management tools and sales pipelines etc. working disjointedly. For example, if you want to send an email to a specific set of contacts, you shouldn’t have to export a list from your contact management system to your email marketing system to do so; you should hence have a consolidated solution available at your disposal. Or if you are talking via IM with a colleague from another country and want to get on a call on their personal phone number instantly, you should be able to do so without having to leave the main application window. This is why it’s recommended to go for one of the best VoIP provider solution that offers integration with famous collaboration and communication tools like Skype for business. In the following article, we will talk about some of the benefits of integrating VoIP solutions with the said application.

Skype for business is a comprehensive communication tool that allows users to instant message, place video calls or record video calls anytime and in real time. It bridges the gap between remote colleagues and enhances chances of seamless collaboration and communication. By integrating it with your internet phone service, you can have the luxury of using the powerful VoIP features without having to leave the Skype application. For example, if you are on a call with your fellows while annotating a PowerPoint presentation but feel the need to place a call to a person who isn’t even a Skype user, then you can do that if your VoIP service is provided by one of the best VoIP providers out there. RingCentral is one of the companies that give you the ability to integrate the RingCentral application with Skype for business.

Integrating Skype for business with your phone service:

There are a number of tangible benefits that a workforce can wield as a result of the Skype for business integration. Here are a few of them:

1. Seamless and instant connection with anyone (even if they don’t use Skype)

Timing is of pivotal importance for a business, especially a budding one. Wait a few minutes before placing a call to your hottest lead and you run the risk of losing it to a competitor; go to the sales department to find out the number of a client you need to contact and you might not be able to provide instant and satisfactory help. This is why it’s absolutely necessary that you are able to reach anybody you want within no time. By integrating Skype for business with your business VoIP solution, you are able to do just that. The making and receiving of calls isn’t restricted to Skype users; you can place calls to any phone number.

2. Multiple tasks, multiple calls not a problem:

Most of the top VoIP applications provide you with a unified application interface that makes switching between different features very easy. For example, with the RingCentral for Skype for business application, you can place multiple calls at a same time with no problem. The application allows you to simply press on the widget present at the bottom to place an instant voice or video call. This is another important feature as in the fast-moving business world of today, you often have to be on call with more than one people to make ends meet.

3. Advanced calling and VoIP features:

Even though Skype is a very powerful business communication application that allows you to hold meetings and record them, it doesn’t come with some of the advanced VoIP and multimedia features that come with top phone services. By integrating the two applications, you can have access to a richer set of features including one-click call transfers, call screening, call recording, call flip and many more.

4. Send text messages:

Text messages are very important when you have to send important notifications to your customers. By integrating Skype for business with one of the best VoIP solution out there, you can send text messages to a contact (or a contact group) without having to leave the main application window. Some vendors also provide you with an intuitive chat window which includes the history of all sent and received text messages. By being able to send and receive messages without having to switch between different applications, employees are able to save vital time and enhance productivity.

5. All your VoIP and Skype contacts in one place:

Another huge advantage of the integration comes in the form of aggregation of contacts from both the applications in one place. If at any time you want to place a call to a RingCentral contact while using Skype, you can do that and vice versa.

6. Set up conferences and meetings any time:

Most of the top VoIP phone services provide video conferencing features and by integrating all your contacts in one place, you are able to add as many people to a meeting as you want. This means that you don’t have to do separate meetings with your RingCentral and Skype contacts; you can simply add all of them in one unanimous call and save yourself the extra effort.

Final Word

If your workforce can save vital time, it can spend it doing something that enhances productivity and that entails inevitable success and revenue boosts. Skype for business is a very famous and beneficial communication tool that allows people to communicate and stay connected seamlessly. By integrating it with your VoIP solution, you are able to save a lot of time which can in turn be spent doing things that can improve and enhance the overall efficacy of the business. In the above article, we saw how putting all of the business contacts in one unified application space can lead to enhanced levels of efficiency among other benefits.

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