5 Reasons To Use VoIP For Your Medical Practice

Aaron Foster | 23.07.18 | 0 Comments

VoIP has revolutionized communication across multiple industries and the medical field is one of them. Having a seamless, efficient and cost-friendly communication solution for your medical practice can be a game-changer. However, in order to stay compliant with HIPPA and HITECH, you have to be very careful while introducing new technology into your system. It makes sense as well because the healthcare industry has been experiencing twice the number of cyber-attacks as other industries, with sensitive medical data of patients being a prime target. This makes many medical practitioners suspicious of new technology as they want to keep themselves and their valuable data as isolated from modern technology as possible. However, if you go for one of the top VoIP providers present in the market currently, you are bound to get a dependable, secure VoIP solution which will make your life a lot easier and also save you a lot of time and money. In this article, we will explore some of the biggest reasons why you should use VoIP for your medical practice:

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1.      Cost reduction:

The best advantage that VoIP offers is the significant cost reduction. Traditional telephony services are notorious for costing a lot of money; especially if you make a lot of long distance calls. Moreover, if you want to have some complementary features like call forwarding, voicemail and caller ID etc. you are bound to pay hefty amounts of subscription fees and monthly charges. Conversely, when you switch to a top VoIP solution, you are able to get a lot more features for a much cheaper price. Most of the best VoIP solution providers have advanced calling features like account management, call blocking, call notification, HD voice, HD Audio conferencing, do not disturb, number porting, mobile apps, text to greeting, voicemail transcription, follow me, voice tagging, custom toll-free-numbers and professional recording etc. which can give you a richer communication experience and save you a lot of money. Moreover, VoIP solutions have comparatively reasonable rates when it comes to local and international calls which can lead to a massive reduction in your monthly phone bill.

2.      Quick collaboration:

Instant collaboration is another great feature that the best VoIP solutions provide but is really difficult to achieve via a traditional telephony service. Suppose you want to reach your colleague who works at a different location than you. If they are not present at their table for some reason, then reaching them can be impossible if you don’t have a VoIP solution. Additionally, VoIP opens a lot of many other possibilities in addition to voice calling. If you want to have a quick video call with your colleague or want to organize a video conference, then you can do so seamlessly with a VoIP phone service. You can also send a text or audio message if the person isn’t available and can be sure that they will receive it in time. Some solutions also provide you with the ability to send fax without having to use a fax machine.

3.      Simpler access:

VoIP also provides you with simpler and swifter access to your account and communication system. With a traditional telephony system, you won’t be able to adjust a lot of automated communication features like voicemail, call screening and call forwarding (at-least not without a lot of hassle) but with VoIP, all you need to do is log into the system, often via a web portal or a mobile application, and you can change the settings as you please. It doesn’t matter whether you want to block a specific number or want to turn a feature on or off, you can do so within seconds; on the other hand, even if your traditional telephony supports advanced features, most of the time you will have to call the vendor’s helpline even for the most trivial of tasks.

4.      Auto-attendant features:

If you run a hospital or a medical institution, then you would know how hard it could be for a receptionist to deal with all the incoming calls efficiently. VoIP can, once again, save the day for you by providing auto-attendant features that can help save a lot of time and enhance productivity. With an auto-attendant set up, a call can get directed to the desired recipient without the need for any human interaction. In addition to this, using VoIP’s call routing features, a person can forward the call to another person (who is better equipped to deal with the customer or the issue at hand) during a call.

5.      Data security:

Another great advantage that VoIP offers lies in its categorical digital nature. Digital storage is not only easier but, if done right, it can also be a lot securer. You can store all the sensitive contact information within the address book of your system and be sure that only authorized personnel will lay eyes on it.

6.      HIPPA compliance:

As we mentioned above, nothing is more important for a medical practitioner than the safety and security of its patients and their data. VoIP solutions that are HIPPA compliant are deemed credible and reliable enough for adoption because they only use the best development and implementation practices.

Final Word

The medical world has been notorious for facing the greatest number of cyber-attacks in recent years and that’s why it’s of paramount importance for a medical practitioner to only go for a reliable VoIP solution, preferably one with HIPPA and HITECH compliance. Aforementioned are some of the best advantages that VoIP provides to someone running a medical practice. Not only will you be saving a lot of money by making calls at astoundingly low rates, but you will also be able to maintain your data more securely, get faster and easier access to it and make use of advanced calling features like auto-attendant, call forwarding, call screening, follow me, voicemail transcription and voice tagging among others.

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